Meet Nexa Consultant Amy Leite

We caught up with some of our new Consultant Solicitors and chatted to them about their experiences at Nexa. Today we spoke to specialist franchise and employment lawyer, Amy Leite.

Thanks for talking to us today, Amy. Can you tell our readers a little bit about why you joined Nexa.

I joined Nexa because I wanted to change how I was working.  I wanted to change my work life balance and I needed to be able to influence my own earnings.   After 12 years in various private practice firms I was disillusioned with outdated methods of calculating how much a solicitor is “worth” by reference only to their billings.

I was frustrated with working very long days with little flexibility and seeing no benefit for all the extra time. I wanted to choose how I worked my weekly hours so that if I needed to do a really long day I would, but if I then wanted to take a shorter day, when work allowed it, I could.  By the end of 2019, I felt like being a lawyer wasn’t for me anymore and I was ready to explore other options.

Before I made my final decision, I started looking at whether there was a better, more forward- thinking way to be a lawyer with more flexibility and I found Nexa.  It was everything I was looking for, flexible, modern, supportive, with no targets and my earnings were entirely down to myself, my own efforts and how much work I was comfortable doing.  It also meant that I could pursue other interests such as becoming a mediator which I have wanted to do for years and have now achieved within 3 months of joining Nexa.

My first contact with Eliot really made my mind up, it was refreshing, honest and there was no pressure.  I remember speaking to a friend afterwards, a consultant elsewhere, and in all my excitement she said “if it seems too good to be true it usually is”.  On that occasion she was wrong. Nexa and the Head Office Team do what they promise and more.

We’re always interested to hear about how people react when you tell them you’re becoming a Consultant Solicitor. Would you like to tell us what your friends and family think about you joining Nexa?

My family are over the moon with my decision as it means I get to spend more time with them which is particularly important to me now my parents are retired.  It is also nice to know that if they need me, I am only 5 minutes away.  My fiancée says I am a completely different person now I am with Nexa, happier, more relaxed and far less tired than before.  The way I have been able to build up my business with Nexa’s help has inspired him to start his own business, albeit in an entirely different sector.

At nexa we try to offer the perfect environment for Consultants Solicitors to thrive. What support do you get from Nexa to build your practice? Be honest!

There are many internal cross referrals which come up regularly, we are supported in using external companies who you can gain work leads from and all the paperwork is already within our CRM system to use with those companies. Nexa are always coming up with new initiatives for collaborating on work or for getting involved in hot topics and group training is provided, for example, on how to improve your LinkedIn profile which I found to be incredibly helpful.  I have also had assistance and support with my google ad words campaign whilst I have got my practice off the ground.  The small things are also appreciated, during my first few months, I have received encouraging emails from Eliot, Victoria and Nigel telling me how well I am getting on and doing.

What would you say to lawyers considering joining Nexa?

Don’t talk yourself out of it.  The sooner you make the move and get on your feet the sooner your life will change for the better.  It is my firm belief that this will become the new way of working and providing legal services.  The tide is changing and I think, in years to come, the majority of legal work will be done by consultants using this structure.  It can be worrying to think about giving up a fixed salary and that was one of my biggest concerns but I can genuinely say its worked out perfectly for me.  I have to bill far less than I did before (less than 50%) to earn an equivalent salary.  If you want to set your own targets and work to your own initiatives this could be the best decision you make. It has been for me.

Thank you Amy! We’re pleased to hear you’re setting in well at Nexa and enjoying life as a Consultant Solicitor.

And for an informal and confidential chat to explore the possibilities for your firm, please contact our COO, Eliot Hibbert. Email: Telephone: 03300 24 24 20

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