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What is Nexa?

Nexa is an ABS legal services company authorised and regulated by the SRA which provides consultant lawyers the ability to deliver services to their clients on a flexible basis whilst increasing their potential income.


Why Join Nexa?

At Nexa, we provide the platform for you to focus on doing what you do best – providing excellent legal services for your clients. Unlike a traditional law firm, our model allows lawyers to realise their desired earning potential as a consultant whilst retaining the freedom to decide exactly how and when they want to work.

Why join Nexa?


How does it work?

Once you have joined the team you will be in a position to deliver services to your client base. There will also be the opportunity to accept referred work at your discretion. This means you have total control over your workload and lifestyle. In return for the marketing and administration services Nexa provides, a commission is deducted from your fees. The more you bill the lower the rate of commission. You also have the chance to refer your clients to other lawyers within Nexa and receive fixed commission in respect of this.

What’s included?


How much billed income will I retain?

Ultimately, how much you retain depends entirely on you, but for an example of how much you can expect to receive after commission please click here for our potential income calculator.


How much experience do I need?

Generally speaking, we are very selective about who we accept and would expect all of our lawyers to have at least five years’ post qualification experience. We consider every application on an individual basis and would therefore invite you to get in touch with us if you do not meet this criteria but still feel you might be a suitable candidate.


How do I set up as a consultant?

Consultant lawyers operating within Nexa generally set up a limited company which is used to administer your business and financial affairs. To make this process more straight forward we have a tailor made discounted package to simplify the process.


What support does Nexa provide?

We pride ourselves in providing all the support you could expect from a traditional law firm without the politics and hierarchy. Our support package includes access to leading case management software, cashier support, access to practical law and market leading professional, indemnity insurance. You will also benefit from Nexa marketing and access to expert advice from the founder members, should you require. Everything is set up to help you get up and running in business immediately.

Click here for a full list of what’s included.


Are there any start-up fees?

Nexa does not charge a set up or start up fee nor does it ask you to indemnify Nexa against the excess on the professional indemnity insurance. You will need to pay for your practicing certificate and have your own IT compliant hardware.


What areas of law does Nexa cover?

Here at Nexa we provide legal services across a broad spectrum of services from Banking to the Veterinary Sector.

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How can I find out more?

If you have any questions about becoming a member of Nexa, don’t hesitate to Ask Eliot for a quick and personal response. Click here to enquire now.

I’m ready to join – what do I do next?

If you are ready to join Nexa, Schedule a call and we’ll talk you through the next steps.


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