Freedom & Flexibility

At the heart of everything we do here at Nexa is our commitment to offering our lawyers the freedom and flexibility to do what they do best without the constraints and politics of a traditional law firm. All of our lawyers are treated as equals and we do not impose targets for hours billed, client acquisition and so on.

We offer every member of Nexa the flexibility to decide exactly how much work they wish to take on, who they wish to work with and when they wish to work. No matter what your goals, ambitions and lifestyle desires may be, you can live life your way with Nexa.

Exceptional Support

At Nexa, we pride ourselves on offering our lawyers an exceptional level of support, from the people who run Nexa to the comprehensive package we offer our members. Founders Eliot and John, with their respective backgrounds in law and professional services, are perfectly positioned to assist and mentor our members to help them achieve the very best.

We are also constantly reviewing our support package to ensure that our lawyers have all the tools they need to do their job, allowing them to focus on doing what they do best – practising law. Our industry leading support package currently includes access to leading case management software, cashier support, access to practical law and market leading professional indemnity insurance. In addition, all of our lawyers benefit from the added value of Nexa marketing.

Value & Transparency

We believe that all of our lawyers should be able to benefit from the cost savings that our new model law firm offers, especially in terms of the lower overheads. We do not have any hidden membership fees and are completely transparent when it comes to retained fees. Our promise is to leave you with the lion’s share of your earnings – meaning that you truly earn your worth, with excellent opportunities for increased earning potential.

We let you set your own targets, fee structures and objectives, so that you can work as much as you want without the pressure of meeting predefined targets or KPIs.

With our transparent commission structure, the more revenue you generate, the smaller the percentage you pay. In addition, we offer the opportunity to take on new work generated by your own marketing promotions and to refer this within Nexa and obtain a percentage of the fee generated.

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