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Our support extends beyond the essentials. We’ve assembled all the tools you’ll need to effortlessly run your own legal business from day one.

We provide a host of additional benefits to make your journey smoother, allowing you to focus on what truly matters— delivering exceptional legal services.

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We firmly believe
our ‘basics’ are the best:

Quick payment

Once your client pays, we pay – and we pay you quicker than anyone else in the market.

24/7 support

Our senior support team are all ex-lawyers and are incredibly accessible and responsive by email, phone calls and texts 24/7.

Good company

We bank with HSBC, we insure with Travelers, Air IT look after our tech, WeWork give you office space and RSM are our accountants – you can judge us by the company we keep.


We give you the freedom to market your services from our brand as well as supporting you if you (and your team) want to have your own legal brand.

Experience unparalleled technology support

As a consultant at Nexa, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive and tailor-made technology support environment designed to meet all your needs. The service is designed to meet your individual requirements as part of the induction process. Plus, with our helpdesk available 24/7, you can be rest assured that whatever queries you have, we’ve got you covered.



We set up your new equipment either physically or by remote access, to get you up and running quickly.


Systems training

When you first join the firm, we offer comprehensive training in the use of our computer systems.


Nexa 24/7
helpdesk service

The Nexa helpdesk offers free support for many of the everyday problems you may encounter. With your permission, we can remotely access your computer and help resolve your technical issues.


Our technology

We use case management computer systems so that you can access your work from anywhere with a suitable internet connection.

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Don’t settle for less when
you can have it all with Nexa


No start-up costs

Unlike many other new model law firms, Nexa stands out by eliminating all start-up costs. No hidden fees or financial burdens. All you need to begin is a compatible notebook PC, mobile device, printer, and basic stationery. Our goal is to provide you with a stress-free and seamless transition into the world of consultant lawyering.

Why join Nexa?


Financial support package

Our financial support package is tailored to your unique circumstances and is discretionary in nature. By removing the financial pressures typically associated with starting a legal consultancy, Nexa empowers you to hit the ground running and allows you to focus on serving your clients.

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What our current lawyers say

"Working alongside Nexa is a breath of fresh air. They’re genuinely nice people who want you to succeed. When you couple that with an entrepreneurial flair and openness to new ideas it makes Nexa feel like no other law firm."

Matt Dunne

Partner and NexaConnex Lead

"I really enjoy being part of Nexa. I feel far more encouraged than at my previous firm. The systems are super-efficient and I'm supported to achieve my goals and deliver for clients."

Amy Leite

Franchise & Employment Partner

"I'm enjoying being a lawyer again! I think you can dedicate better quality time to client work and give a more personal service. I am achieving good results and I am certainly receiving more plaudits."

Jonathan Warner-Reed

Commercial/Property Dispute Partner

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