How We Manage Complex Legal Matters With Our Consultants

John McAuley, Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Talent
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At Nexa, we pride ourselves on our ability to support you to manage complex and high-volume legal matters with ease. Our flexible model and innovative approach empowers our consultants to tackle the most challenging cases effectively.

Nexa lawyers are no stranger to managing complex and high value transactions and disputes. Our robust infrastructure and expert support enables our lawyers to focus on looking after their clients while we take care of the rest.

Responsive Support Team

Nexa‘s support team is a crucial part of our success. Our general support, compliance and accounts teams are available to assist our consultants with any queries or challenges they might face. Whether it’s navigating regulatory requirements, managing billing or processing client account transactions, our support team ensures that everything runs seamlessly.

Advanced Technology

We utilise advanced technology to streamline our processes and help you manage large volumes of documents or data. Our cloud-based systems and class leading practice management software enable our lawyers to store, organise, and access vast amounts of information quickly and securely. This technology also facilitates effective communication and collaboration among our lawyers so that they can work as part of a remote multi-disciplinary team to ensure that clients receive the expert advice they need.

Seamless Management

Our platform is designed to handle multiple clients and matters with ease. Our systems and workflows enable our lawyers to manage large caseloads without compromising on quality or client service. This capability ensures that our consultants can deliver timely and effective solutions, no matter the volume of work.

Flexible Solutions

Our flexible business model allows us to adapt to the unique needs of our consultants and their caseloads. Whether you need help assembling a team of lawyers for a complex case or scaling up resources to handle a high-volume project, the Nexa Management Team are here to support you to achieve your ambitions. With over 150 lawyers at Nexa, you will always be able to find support when matters require all hands to the deck, or you need input from a lawyer outside of your specialism.

Proven Track Record

Nexa has been supporting consultant lawyers since 2017 and we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a great consultancy platform in that time. Everything we do is designed to deliver and exceptional experience to our lawyers so that they can go on to deliver an exceptional experience to their clients. This collaborative approach and commitment to excellence makes Nexa the perfect place to grow your legal practice.


If you deal with complex, high value or high-volume legal matters, and are thinking about joining a consultant lawyer platform, why not arrange a no obligation chat with John McAuley, our friendly CMO and Head of Talent.

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