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Only Nexa delivers the perfect modern combination of freedom and comprehensive support.

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110+ Lawyers

A growing team from ambitious associates right up to ex-partners of City law firms.

Control your hours

Freedom and flexibility to work how you want.

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Transparent fee structure, with no limit on how much you can earn.

Unparalleled support

Excellent support network and community.

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Ongoing support & auditing

Get the freedom to focus on your clients without all the background admin that comes with running your own firm.

We offer every lawyer ongoing business support along with compliance support and auditing, so that you can always be sure that everything is covered.

What’s included with Nexa

We equip our lawyers with the advice and guidance to get the results they need.

“I am passionate about developing Nexa and creating the right environment, systems and culture for lawyers to succeed and reach their potential."

Eliot Hibbert Eliot Hibbert, CEO & Founder

Set your own targets

Ambitious lawyers are able to maximise their opportunities, without the pressure of meeting the demands of a traditional law practice.

Our collaborative culture means you can set your desired income level to suit your needs and lifestyle.

As part of the Nexa offering, you also have the opportunity to be part of the NexaConnex Team, a product designed to assist other firms and help them develop their practice.

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Be a part of a community of equals

We have stripped away the politics and hierarchy of the traditional law firm. At Nexa, everyone is on the same level, with no partners to please or politics to distract you.

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With our lawyers located across various regions, we are able to offer comprehensive legal services to clients in different parts of the UK.

We have created a collaborative environment where lawyers can maximise their opportunities, get access to unparalleled support and provide the best possible legal solutions for our clients.

Join us in shaping the future of the legal industry by becoming a part of our team and putting your expertise on the map.

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Our Lawyers

"Working alongside Nexa is a breath of fresh air. They’re genuinely nice people who want you to succeed. When you couple that with an entrepreneurial flair and openness to new ideas it makes Nexa feel like no other law firm."

Matt Dunne

Partner and NexaConnex Lead

"I really enjoy being part of Nexa. I feel far more encouraged than at my previous firm. The systems are super-efficient and I'm supported to achieve my goals and deliver for clients."

Amy Leite

Franchise & Employment Partner

"I'm enjoying being a lawyer again! I think you can dedicate better quality time to client work and give a more personal service. I am achieving good results and I am certainly receiving more plaudits."

Jonathan Warner-Reed

Commercial/Property Dispute Partner

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