Zahrah’s Story – Life at Nexa with Zahrah Aullybocus 

Eliot Hibbert, CEO & Founder
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Zahrah’s Story – Life at Nexa withZahrah Aullybocus 

Continuing our ‘Consultants’ Stories’ series where our lawyers share their journey to becoming a consultant solicitor and joining Nexa, we caught up with Zahrah Aullybocus. 

Meet the consultant… 

Zahrah is an experienced conveyancing specialist. Here’s what she had to say: 

“I didn’t take the traditional route to becoming a solicitor, I started my legal career as a legal secretary, while studying part-time and qualified via a fellowship with ILEX. I gained my initial conveyancing experience at a large region firm, where I had particular exposure to shared-ownership work. Subsequently, I worked at a high street firm.  

Since 2013 I’ve been a consultant solicitor and I’ve worked with various consultancy firms around the country, so I’ve seen how the model varies from place to place.  

I ended up feeling frustrated where I was and started to look for a firm that would support me with some business ideas I had, rather than blocking me with red tape!  

I had a friend already with Nexa which helped reassure me that I was looking in the right place. I was attracted by the fact that when you are at Nexa you are a true consultant, in charge of your own business and free to pursue other projects if you wish.  

Nexa’s transparent and open approach is real (and refreshing!), it’s not just about the advertising, they really do “walk the talk” and deliver what they promise. Their case management system is easy to use and their comprehensive back-office support makes the admin simple. 

The management at Nexa have been fantastic in providing the support I was hoping for, giving me guidance and helping me go in the direction I want to go in. 

The one piece of advice I would give to a lawyer thinking about becoming self-employed is to think hard about what your unique selling points are, what makes you different to and better than other solicitors doing what you do? Use this when you are giving estimates and don’t undersell yourself. In my experience, the price is not everything, it’s always about the quality and service you give clients which keeps them coming back to you.   

One of the real positives of joining Nexa has been becoming part of a great community of consultant solicitors – be that those who practice in the property space or in other areas. I’ve really enjoyed engaging with my colleagues and it’s been nice to be able to pick their brains from time to time!  

There are some great entrepreneurs here and every month we get together to share business development ideas which has been really helpful for me. At Nexa I feel like I’m finally fulfilling my potential and that the sky is the limit for my legal business.”  

Want to find out more? 

If you’re interested in finding out a bit more detail about life as a consultant lawyer and what we can offer you at Nexa, check out our careers pages here or, have a look at our brochure. For a confidential, no obligation chat, contact David Roth.    

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