Work flexibly as a consultant lawyer

Traditionally, practising as a lawyer means working strict and set out hours but with nexa law this isn’t the case. More and more industries are embracing flexible working and the legal industry should be no exception.

In previous years, many people saw working flexibly or remotely as being unofficial or impractical, but with modern advances in technology, flexible working is now no different to working the traditional 9-5 office job – except you get to control when and where you work.

With flexible work schedules, you are able to experience the following benefits:

  • Work/life balance

Working flexibly means you have the ability to prioritise your family needs and life responsibilities around your work commitments. Having a flexible working schedule means you can make and attend appointments, participate in your children’s activities, attend parents evenings and other events with ease and even be at home for deliveries.

  • Reduce commuting

In many areas of the UK, it’s very common for a commute to work to take over an hour. Working flexibly and remotely will reduce the time taken up from travelling, saving you time, money and stress as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Personal control

The main factor that draws people into working flexibly is the control they have in determining their own working schedule and environment. If you want to work mostly in the evenings, or in a coffee shop for the day, it’s perfectly fine!

  • Childcare costs

Paying for child care can definitely add up. Being able to work flexibly will allow you to reduce, or even eliminate completely the amount of money you and your family are having to spend on childcare costs. You can create your working schedule around your children’s needs. With nexa law, you can work the number of hours you wish to work, there is no set requirement.


At nexa law, we aim to step away from the conventional ‘new model’ law firm and ensure that we develop a great relationship with our consultants. We focus on providing a high-quality service to both our consultants and their clients.

Many lawyers are hesitant about taking the step to becoming a consultant lawyer as they enjoy going into the office and having interaction with other colleagues. However, we welcome you to ask us for support and guidance – our door is always open for our consultants.

For more information on nexa law and becoming a consultant lawyer with us, contact Eliot on 03300 24 24 20 or request a brochure here.

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