Why using a consultant lawyer is the smart choice in difficult times

A win-win for clients using nexa! Do it properly!

Our corporate and funding specialist, Fraser McGee considers the advantages for clients using nexa’s lawyers and the extended professional networks that these experienced lawyers have developed.

We hear a lot about why new model law firms such as nexa are great for lawyers, but I think it’s time to focus on the benefits they bring to clients.

In a sense, every one of the lawyers at nexa is running their own micro-business. Because nexa deals with all the back-office admin., it means we are totally freed-up to concentrate on helping our clients – with no distractions!

I relish being my own boss, with the flexibility and freedom, to work the way I want to, in a way I know works well for my clients. I get to build and maintain the relationship with my clients, and they know that it is me who is going to be there to support them.

Pushing down costs

The UK is experiencing a period of economic instability. This will very likely necessitate a squeeze on budgets everywhere. Undoubtedly, businesses will be looking, not so much for bargain basement prices, but good value, when it comes to their professional services.

I’m an experienced corporate lawyer, having already had a long and varied career. As a result, my hourly charge out rate at a City or mid-tier firm would be far, far higher than it is for clients who come to me at nexa.

That’s sort of understandable, traditional law firms have eye-watering overheads (and they are only getting bigger with salary rises for junior support lawyers hitting record new levels and climbing property prices being amongst the old model material cost issues). But I know my clients are getting the same quality and service, from a legal adviser with the additional experience of having worked running businesses and raising capital, for a far more palatable price.

Some good changes will come out of the current economic difficulties. I hope that one of those will be a greater willingness to step away from the status quo in pursuit of a different, but perhaps better way of doing things.

Lockdown proved that new technology can facilitate long term positive change, making people happier in their work and enabling significant cost savings for many employers.

Businesses now have the opportunity to improve how they get their legal advice. They can be confident to get their legal advice from providers other than the usual, and very same like, line up of suspects and may find that a different way of working is the breath of fresh air they need, as well as being highly cost effective.


Finally, a less tangible advantage but still worth shouting about – we are happy in our work at nexa! I’m part of a community of like-minded professionals who encourage and support each other.

Our clients get to deal with lawyers who still love the law, who are still excited about what they do and as a result, don’t mind going the extra mile. Hopefully some of this enthusiasm rubs off, proving that experienced happy lawyers make happy clients!

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