What is NexaConnex?

What is NexaConnex?

Last month saw the official launch of our legal support service for law firms, NexaConnex. We were delighted to be able to unveil this new collaborative product. Since then, we have found ourselves being asked the very simple question: what exactly is NexaConnex?

In reality, NexaConnex is the formalisation of something we have been doing on an ad hoc basis for some time – providing our lawyers to other law firms to work with them on either a short or longer-term basis.

The problems

NexaConnex evolved from our observations of the problems faced by some lawfirms:

  • The resourcing challenges being faced by small to medium sized law firms in the current economic market are well documented. Everyone is chasing a shrinking pool of lawyers; salaries are surging and some firms are being priced out of the market altogether as a result.
  • Smaller firms may be prevented from competing for certain work due to the lack of a particular specialist on their team. Niche or boutique firms may not have the range of specialists required for ad hoc work. It may not be practically or financially feasible to recruit someone for this purpose.
  • Sometimes the unexpected happens and a valued team member is unable to work or, there is a planned absence such as a sabbatical, secondment or parental leave which needs to be covered and this is not possible to do internally.
  • No one wants to turn work away and sometimes it doesn’t rain but it pours! When firms have temporary surges in demand, existing staff are under pressure, stress levels soar while morale plummets.

The solution

These are the classic scenarios where NexaConnex can help (there may be others!). We have a pool of talented lawyers from ex-city partners to experienced in-house counsel and more junior lawyers. We can usually find the perfect match for your law firm and its current needs.

What’s more, NexaConnex is extremely flexible; there is no minimum contract period or spend. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to our pricing which is tailored to the business needs of our clients.

We are able to find quality personnel and get them up and running with our law firm partners extremely quickly. Nexa’s efficient platform and technology means that our lawyers are able to get working instantly, anywhere in the world.

Conversely, when the demand is no longer there the additional services can be run down very quickly without the need for staff consultation or redundancy payments.

NexaConnex can also provide additional services such as mediators, company secretarial services and linguistic support.

NexaConnex in a nutshell

NexaConnex is a highly flexible, freelance service which offers outstanding value for law firms while helping them fill the gaps in their resources and coverage. Drawing from Nexa’s extensive pool of quality lawyers, NexaConnex is a collaborative, solutions focused product which removes the headache of recruitment and HR management from law firms.

Want to find out more?

We are always happy to answer questions or have a confidential, no obligation chat about NexaConnex. Please contact Daniel Jenkins or Matthew Dunne to find out more. Or, take a look at our brochure.

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