What Consultancy Means For Me – Donna Taylor, Consultant Solicitor

John McAuley, Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Talent
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Donna Taylor

What Consultancy Means For Me – Donna Taylor, Consultant Solicitor

This year sees the start of my fourth year of being a self-employed consultant solicitor with Nexa Law.  A truly transformative journey!

Joining Nexa has provided me with a robust platform and high-level support that allows me the freedom to run my own legal business as a consultant.  I can develop my own brand (if I ever had time!), deliver my work in my own way, and take control of my client base. It has enabled me to integrate work and life in a way that works for me and my family and has re-ignited my passion for my career – I enjoy being a lawyer again!

So, what defines the role of consultant for me?

  • It has given me the flexibility to set my own hours – I make most, if not all of my daughter’s ‘events’, I can indulge in eight weeks of annual holidays, and typically operate on a four-day working week – occasionally even less! I can work the times that suit me – I am an early morning worker.
  • I collaborate with amazing fellow lawyers through an invaluable network which allows me to refer my clients to the right type of lawyer, and not have to refer to someone just because they work in the department that my client needs. In turn, those lawyers I work with refer work to me, because they want the best for their client too! There is a shared commitment with these reciprocal relationships to deliver the absolute best service to our clients.
  • I have the luxury of time to explore other interests within my field too, such as being a council member for The Law Society and advocating about women in law – in particular working mums and carers. This enables me to meet even more amazing people, enabling me to give a little back to my profession wherever I can.  I have recently also been elected onto the Membership and Communications Committee at the Law Society.
  • There are the tangible financial benefits too, as becoming a consultant solicitor means you can boost your earning potential and earn what you deserve – I earn more in one year than I would have in two-and-a-half-years of being in a traditional firm!

While my perspective on consultancy is rooted in a positive personal experience, I acknowledge that some may perceive it as a risk. However, I see it solely as opportunity, choice, and freedom.  I would welcome enquiries from any lawyers contemplating consultancy as a viable career option, as I am happy to offer insights derived from first-hand experience.

To find out more about how Nexa can support you in running your own legal business, schedule a call with our CMO and Head of Talent, John McAuley john.mcauley@nexa.law

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