Three years on: what happened after Peregrine Law joined Nexa?

Three years on: what happened after Peregrine Law joined Nexa?

It’s hard to believe that three years ago last week, Peregrine Law, a specialist London consultancy law firm, joined the Nexa family. As part of the deal, Nigel Clark joined the management team at Nexa and he has been working closely with Nexa’s founder, Eliot Hibbert ever since.

We’ve been on quite a journey in the last three years, continually driving the growth of our business – and each other – to achieve ever greater things!

A rollercoaster ride

We didn’t realise in early 2020 quite the turn that world events were going to take and the impact it would have on the UK. Like all businesses, the last 36 months really have thrown everything at us: a pandemic, war in Ukraine, soaring inflation and an economic downturn. But there is no doubt we have been stronger together, weathering these storms.

A happy marriage

It’s a sad fact that not all mergers of people businesses, especially in legal services, are happy! But we have no regrets. We share important values and aspirations for Nexa and its people, staff and consultants alike. For example, it’s been a point of principle to ensure that there has been no drop in the quality of service we provide to our consultants and clients as we have grown in size. We are passionate about the benefits of the consultancy model for our lawyers, and we want to get that message out to as many people as we can – the sky really is the limit.

What have we achieved?

And grown we have! Here are a few stats we are proud of.  In the last three years:

  • our pool of consultant solicitors has grown more than 5X
  • employee numbers in our support team have increased over 10X
  • our annual revenue has grown over 10X
  • our operating margin has improved year on year
  • we now have over 20 market facing legal brands on our platform
  • we have launched our freelance offering, NexaConnex, which is supporting tens of law firms in the UK and globally
  • we have got serious about all aspects of ESG, launching our new Environmental Business Charter and hosting a series of quarterly events focusing on various aspects of ESG – the next one will be on 2 March 2023, near Manchester.

Looking forward

While we allow ourselves a brief moment of reflection on this anniversary to acknowledge the strides we have made, we are not done yet!

There is plenty more we want to achieve, and we believe that Nexa has a great future ahead as it continues to grow and bring its alternative career opportunities to an even wider audience. Who knows what the next three years will hold?!

Nigel Clark and Eliot Hibbert

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