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In recent times, many organisations – including law firms – have recognised the value of organisational culture. At nexa law, we’re totally committed to fostering a culture in which our lawyers can love law and love life! To us, culture isn’t just a buzz word or a nice-to-have, but rather a way of life.

Many lawyers have suffered at the hands of toxic law firm cultures. Plenty of law firms talk about cultures which are diverse, inclusive and flexible. But we hear from our Consultant Lawyers that their former firms have often failed to live up to expectations. Contrary to what some law firm managers might think, culture isn’t a catchy slogan or a few values written on the wall of the office!

Traditional law firms invariably operate according to the “command and control” approach to management which stems from the industrial revolution. The theory being that people will inherently lean towards avoiding work unless there is a mechanism in place to compel their adherence to the rules. In the legal profession, those rules generally dictate that people must go to an office to carry out their work, that they must be in the office between agreed hours, and that their performance must be targeted and measured in order to generate the right level of performance. Sound familiar?

But in reality, the structures which businesses put in place to govern how we should behave are counter-productive. People aren’t motivated by rules and targets, but rather by doing interesting and engaging work, by wanting to do a good job, and by working with like-minded people who they like and respect. Not every law firm is able to deliver that. But at nexa law, we’ve put a great deal of effort into understanding what lawyers want from a law firm.

That’s why we are a law firm of equals all striving to develop successful and sustainable relationships with clients. We put you, the lawyer, in charge of your own destiny and don’t dictate how you should work. You’re free to develop your practice in any way you wish, so long as you have the expertise to do so. And you’re supported to achieve your ambitions. You’ll have the best of both worlds by combining absolute autonomy over your practice with the support you need as a professional. We take care of your core training and compliance needs as well as all the hidden costs and stresses of running a law firm. You’re left to get on with developing relationships with your clients while we take care of the rest. 

Join a law firm with a truly supportive culture which lets you love law and love life! Get in touch with Managing Director Eliot Hibbert using or our Sales & Recruitment Director Nigel Clark using for more information.

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