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You may have wondered if you’ll be better off financially as a Consultant Lawyer compared to working in a traditional law firm. Whether you’re currently a law firm employee or a law firm partner, you’ll want to know that joining nexa law is the right commercial choice for you.

When we developed the nexa law model, we were absolutely committed to delivering the best experience for our lawyers. Of course, part of that means ensuring that we deliver you a fair share of the income you generate as a lawyer.

If you scrutinise the traditional law firm model, you’ll see that your salary is usually around 30% of the total income you generate for the firm. Sometimes it can be a lot less! As a Partner you’ll expect to see a bigger share of the income, but for many firms it doesn’t take much of an increase in costs for that profit share to become surprisingly small – especially compared to the effort you put in. But what if you could generate at least 75% profit on every matter? That’s the nexa way!

Your costs as a Consultant lawyer are limited as there are no set up or management fees charged by nexa law. You’ll need a laptop, a phone and your annual Practising Certificate. Most Consultants will also seek the advice of an accountant to help with annual accounts and tax returns. Some Consultants choose to rent an office, but many have the facilities they need to work from home without significant set up costs. Compared to the costs of running a traditional law firm, you can run a very lean business as a Consultant lawyer.

Much of the cost of running a law firm often seems to stem from fancy offices and big marketing budgets. Whilst these may be nice to have, in reality the job of a lawyer can be carried out from anywhere with an internet connection. And as for those marketing budgets, we have to wonder whether sponsoring the local sports team, or whatever it may be, is really doing much to generate new clients! Wouldn’t it be better if you got to keep the money that most traditional firms spend on keeping up appearances?

As a Consultant at nexa law, your income potential is virtually unlimited! Ok, so it’s probably limited by the number of hours in the day and the number of weeks in the year. But why not try a little calculation? Think about how many hours you spend at work, then multiply this by the hourly rate your firm charges for your work. And if that’s not a number worth having, you probably need to rethink your career choice! Now imagine if you halved the number of hours you worked! Or even halved them again! Isn’t that still a sum of money worth getting out of bed for? Especially when you get to keep at least 75% of it and all you have to do is carry on being a great lawyer and building great relationships with your clients.

There are plenty of ways to generate an impressive income at nexa law. Our commercial terms are best in class and include:

  • Take home 75% of your earnings as standard
  • High performing lawyers can keep up to 85% of earnings
  • Generate a 15% referral fee from any work you refer to colleagues (and 60% on any work referred to you by a colleague)
  • Opportunity to access work from our nexaconnex referral network
  • You are not required to indemnify us for any claims under our insurance

Compared to working for a traditional law firm, being a Consultant lawyer with nexa law makes solid commercial sense. At nexa law we’re motivated by giving lawyers the best deal because we’ve seen first hand that the traditional alternative simply isn’t rewarding hard working and dedicated people. If you want to be fairly rewarded for your work, ask us about joining nexa law. Contact our Recruitment Manager David Roth using

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