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At nexa law you can work for who you want, when you want, where you want! You manage your own time and your own clients, and ultimately, your own destiny.

As a Consultant Lawyer for nexa law you’re essentially free to run your own legal practice with our support. It’s the model of choice for entrepreneurial lawyers looking for a flexible way to be their own boss without any of the usual stresses of running a law firm.

At nexa law we provide you with everything you need to develop your own practice. Those who become Consultant Lawyers are probably the type of people who’ve at least given a second thought to starting their own law firm. But perhaps concluded, quite rightly, that too much of their time would be spent dealing with administration and compliance.

If your skills and passions lie in developing great relationships with your clients and delivering outstanding legal solutions, why spend half your time on administration? Perhaps you’re even running your own firm right now and wish you could find a way to get back to the things you enjoy!

At nexa law all you need to provide is a laptop and a phone and we’ll help you with the rest. Here are just some of the reasons lawyers choose to work with nexa law:

  • Complete choice over when and where you work with no financial targets or KPI’s.
  • Complete choice over the type of work you do and for which clients.
  • Complete choice over your income and your lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking to take a step up in terms of earning potential or a step down in terms of working hours, nexa law is the solution you’ve been looking for. Motivated lawyers can easily exceed their earnings compared to working in most traditional law firm partnerships. For lawyers who are looking to improve their lifestyle, you can work flexibly so that work fits around your life and not the other way around.

And if you’re worried about stepping away from an employed role into the world of the consultant lawyering, we even offer bespoke financial assistance packages which can help you transition from a salary to business ownership.

Working with nexa law puts you in control of your own destiny. Doesn’t that sound like a better way to work? For more information about becoming a Consultant Lawyer with nexa law, contact our Recruitment Manager David Roth using

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