The Enterprising Solicitor – The Perfect Fit for a New Model Law Firm

John McAuley, Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Talent
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Working as a legal consultant has excellent potential rewards for the right individual, offering freedom, autonomy, and a more satisfying work-life balance.

Unlike traditional law firm structures, where solicitors are part of a hierarchical organisation, legal consultancy models offer experienced, self-starting professionals the scope to operate on their own terms. This move towards self-employment enables solicitors to offer their expertise directly to clients, reducing overheads and often increasing flexibility, job satisfaction and general work-life balance.

To thrive in a legal consultancy environment, solicitors possessing the following key qualities could be the perfect fit for a new model law firm and excel as a Legal Consultant.

  • Pro-activity and self-motivation
  • Self-marketing skills
  • Financial self-reliance and income generation
  • The ability to leverage existing and new clientele

One of the key attractions to legal consultancy is autonomy.  A legal consultant has the discretion to select cases aligning with their expertise and interests. However, this independence extends beyond mere choice of work; it encompasses the meticulous management of schedules and offering the very best service to the customer. The autonomy once enjoyed by being part of a structured firm must now be internally generated and regulated by the solicitor themselves.

Self-Marketing: The Key to Success

Whist legal consultancy firms (such as Nexa) generally offer very strong support in marketing, consultant solicitors also need to be proactive in their own space for case acquisition – utilising their networks, online presence, and other creative marketing tactics to secure new clients and projects.

Successful legal consultants leverage online platforms, social media, and traditional networking events to cultivate their reputation and visibility in the legal space. Effective reputation management can propel a consultant solicitor’s career, making it imperative to build and maintain a positive professional image.

Client testimonials and referrals are also invaluable assets in for a legal consultant.  Outstanding service leads to positive client experiences, which they are likely to share within their networks. Such word-of-mouth endorsements are extremely valuable, and they add credibility to the solicitor’s expertise and reliability.

Financial Self-Reliance and Income Generation

Understanding the consultancy payment model is vital for financial success. Consultant solicitors can often face more volatility in their income streams compared to their salaried counterparts. They must comprehend different fee structures and develop plans to ensure financial stability, which often includes setting aside reserves for lean periods. It’s also normal practice for invoices to be paid to the consultant solicitor once the client has paid the law firm – Nexa, for example, generally turn payments round during the same working day, but payment timings are always worth confirming before making any decision to move into this model.

Leveraging Existing and New Clientele

A pre-existing client base can offer a significant financial cushion. It can smooth the transition into consultancy and provide a stream of initial income. This gives the solicitor the necessary time to build and expand their independent practice, reducing financial pressure.

Are you a future Nexa Consultant Solicitor?

At Nexa, we’re looking for a broad range of talent.  Our lawyers are all highly talented in their areas of expertise, which is key to continue Nexa’s reputation for building a brand of quality – benefitting our current, and future, lawyers and their clients as we grow.

If you are an established solicitor with a spirit of entrepreneurship, Nexa Law would love to hear from you. If you’d like to consider the opportunities this career path may present, contact John McAuley 07802 404468 or for a further discussion or enquiries about taking the step into consultancy work.

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