Sunshine on a rainy day? Being self-employed could help you weather the storm

David Roth, People & Systems Manager
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Sunshine on a rainy day? Being self-employed could help you weather the storm

It’s hard to look on the bright side at the moment when the horror of global conflicts and constantly bleak economic news seems to dominate the media daily. With the prospect of general elections in the UK and USA next year, political upheaval and uncertainty seems likely to continue.

It’s therefore understandable that many people are feeling a bit downbeat at the moment; we all seem to be at the mercy of events and there is little we can do as individuals to change things.

Take control and feel empowered

But, at Nexa we know that it is possible to take control of at least one highly significant aspect of our lives – work. By doing so we know people feel empowered, motivated and positive about the future, seeing great improvement in their own and their family’s wellbeing as a result.

For solicitors thinking about moving their careers to the next level, leaving a traditional partnership firm or in-house role to become a self-employed consultant might seem counter-intuitive at the moment.  Increasing chatter about a looming recession makes people feel nervous and instinctively want to “sit it out” where they are. But some of the most successful businesses were launched during difficult times – which actually throw up exciting opportunities for the entrepreneurially minded!

The benefits of being your own boss

We never get tired of shouting about the benefits of being self-employed because we think there is never a “wrong time” to work differently, improve your earnings and re-discover your love of law again.

At Nexa consultants enjoy the following:

  • We are non-exclusive so consultants are free to do whatever else they want with their time, including working for other law (or professional services) firms.
  • We don’t have time or billing targets; our consultants can work as little (or as much) as they like.
  • Consultants can work wherever they want to – at home or in our serviced offices.
  • We don’t charge a set-up fee, all you need to get started with us is a laptop and mobile phone, and we don’t ask for an insurance indemnity.
  • Our fee share is market leading so our consultants get to keep more of the fees they earn – at least 75%, rising to 85%.
  • We provide numerous different ways for our consultants to earn income, apart from doing their own client work. See our blog: What’s the catch? There isn’t one!
  • We are a diverse, inclusive and growing community with an open, supportive and informal culture.

So, while there may be stormy times ahead, self-employment with Nexa can offer you a safe haven…

Case studies

Our consultants tell us that the freedom and flexibility they enjoy with us has changed their lives for the better – but don’t just take our word for it, check out some of our consultants’ stories (hereherehere and here).

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