School’s out for summer so how will you manage the childcare conundrum?

Eliot Hibbert, CEO & Founder
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School’s out for summer so how will you manage the childcare conundrum?

The BBC recently reported that childcare costs for the summer holidays had increased by 3% on last year but, that prices varied significantly depending on location. A survey suggested the average cost of childcare during the summer holidays was now £943 per child. Unsurprisingly, costs were higher in London.

It was also reported recently that there has been a drastic fall in the number of childminders in the last 12 months, which may have contributed to the price increase.

The annual summer holiday juggle faced by working families is nothing new, but the ever-increasing costs of childcare may mean that parents are looking at other options this year.

Patchwork parenting

Most parents rely on a patchwork of arrangements over the long summer break – using a mixture of paid childcare, help from grandparents and other family and friends, using up annual leave or taking unpaid parental leave – it is not straight forward or easy.

One of the things that we hear again and again from our consultants is how Nexa’s alternative career path gives them so much more opportunity for family time and how the flexibility they enjoy means they have the freedom to pursue other priorities when they need to –like summer activities with the kids.

However, that’s not to downplay the significant financial rewards of being a consultant; many of our consultants discover they can earn as much, or more, while working less (or simply differently).

We’re delighted if our structure and ethos helps our lawyers solve their childcare conundrum and reduce the costs and the stresses of the school holidays, even a little bit.

We often say to people thinking of joining us that Nexa is proof that there is a better way, don’t assume you have to stoically struggle on doing things in the same old way that doesn’t work for you or your family.

The summer holiday juggle can often throw this into sharp focus and the start of a new term in September may be the perfect time to consider doing things differently.

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