Rebecca’s Story – Life at Nexa with Rebecca Cobbs

Rebecca’s Story – Life at Nexa with Rebecca Cobbs

Continuing our ‘Consultants’ Stories’ series where our lawyers share their journey to becoming a consultant solicitor and joining Nexa, we caught up with Rebecca Cobbs.

Meet the consultant…

Rebecca is a commercial property lawyer specialising in advising small to medium sized enterprises and helping businesspeople achieve their property aims and dreams. Here’s what she had to say:

“I had made some tentative enquiries regarding alternative law firms and consultancy arrangements before the Covid pandemic hit but I was too swamped with work to really follow it up. During lockdown, I worked from home and then had a period on furlough, so this gave me the time and head space to really consider my options and think about my career goals.

I looked at several alterative model law firms, but Nexa was the one that impressed me most in terms of how it treated its consultants; there is no hard sell, no targets, no large administration costs. Consultants are in charge of every aspect of how and when they want to work, with Nexa providing the appropriate support as/when required.

Before I went into the law, I was an operations manager at a large DIY chain and this taught me to think commercially and pragmatically.

After qualifying as a solicitor, I worked in private practice at two of the UK’s top 50 law firms, as well as at a regionally respected firm in the South West. It was here that I got additional experience competing for and winning work as well as dealing directly with clients, and this has stood me in good stead since I became a consultant.

To lawyers out there considering becoming self-employed I would say, try and save 6 months’ worth of life expenses as a safety net before you launch. In reality you will probably know after 6 weeks whether this is the life for you.

I really love being in control of my time and my work. Being an employed lawyer or partner in a traditional law firm have attributes which suit many people, but for me, being my own boss is priceless -not to mention giving me more time to ride my beloved Ducati Monster 1100S.!”

Want to find out more?

If you’re interested in finding out a bit more detail about life as a consultant lawyer and what we can offer you at Nexa , check out our careers pages here or, have a look at our brochure. For a confidential, no obligation chat, contact David Roth.

Nigel Clark, CEO

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