No weather disruptions for consultant lawyers

This weekend, Britain has been in chaos after the snow that has fallen over the last few days. With the emergency services warning people to stay indoors unless absolutely necessary, many commuters are struggling to make it into their workplace.

As a consultant lawyer, you have the ability to be more flexible than if you worked at a traditional law firm. This allows you to be able to work from home with ease. No battling through blizzards or risking slipping over on the ice is required – just work in the warmth and comfort of your own home.

Another benefit of being a consultant lawyer is that you have no strict hours that you must work. You are free to decide when and where you carry out your workload.

With schools closed, many parents are forced to take a day off to be able to look after their children. Being a consultant lawyer, you can either work with them at home or simply reschedule your time to be able to enjoy the rare snow with your family.

Are you ready to make the move towards a more flexible and lucrative future?

At nexa law, we are here to support you and your career. We want to support and guide you by doing everything we can to help. By becoming a consultant lawyer with us, you will receive access to leading case management software, cashier support, access to practical law and market leading professional indemnity insurance and much more.

You will also benefit from nexa law marketing and access to expert advice from the founder members, should you require. Everything is set up to help you get up and running in business immediately.

If you require more information about becoming a consultant lawyer with nexa law, you can request our brochure or contact our Managing Director, Eliot, on 03300 24 24 20.

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