Nexa’s new model still gives lawyers “more bang for their buck”

Nexa’s new model still gives lawyers “more bang for their buck”

The “new model” is not so new

When nexa entered the market as a “new model law firm” back in 2017, there was a genuine feeling of stepping out from the crowd and being at the frontier of something very different. The new model or dispersed law firm was innovative and cutting edge and there weren’t that many of us around.

It’s fair to say that the market is a bit more crowded these days, but that is testament to the attractiveness of the offer – it turns out there are plenty of forward-looking, fearless lawyers out there who want to work differently to the way it has been.

Nexa offers a platform for self-employed lawyers to develop their legal businesses without the stresses and strains of being a senior lawyer in a traditional law firm. We take care of everything so they can concentrate on their clients and doing the work they love.

With a proliferation of choice, it’s important that legal professionals understand exactly what they are going to get before they make a move into consultancy, so that they can be sure it is the best deal for them.

Money isn’t everything, but it does matter

When making the decision about becoming a self-employed consultant, due diligence on the package is crucial. Different elements, both financial and non-financial (such as culture) are relevant. But, at nexa we recognise that lawyers want to fulfil their earning potential and we are totally transparent about the costs involved and how much of their turn-over they will get to keep.

Our fee share can’t be bettered by our major competitors. For example, a lawyer turning over £400,000 could be between £20,000 and £37,500 a year better off with us.

We will never hide behind the maxim of “buyer beware”, we put everything on the table, up front.

How we are different

We’ve noticed that some new model law firms have hidden costs that catch people out. At nexa there are genuinely no hidden costs. And that’s not the only thing that makes us stand out from the pack, here are some things we are proud of:

  • We don’t charge a set-up fee – all you need to get started are your own PC, mobile and printer.
  • We don’t ask for an indemnity against insurance excesses (which can be hidden in the small print at other new model law firms).
  • We don’t have any barriers to entry, no minimum PQE and no minimum earnings, our focus is entirely on finding the right entrepreneurial, ambitious people to join our community.
  • We work on a non-exclusive basis, so we won’t ask you to give anything else up to work with us (or turn anything new down!)
  • Our financial support package, nexa assist, can help you make the transition to becoming self-employed as smooth as possible by supporting you through the start-up period.
  • You’ll get to keep more of the money you earn with us than with our major competitors in the market.   

Want to explore more?

Our very own David Roth is a friendly face and first port of call for those looking for a bit more detail. He can answer all your questions about what nexa offers lawyers looking to do things differently.

He is a fine advocate for our alternative model, and the soul of discretion -you can rest assured that all communications will be strictly confidential. There is absolutely no obligation, and we never badger people! So, get do get in touch.

Or, have a look at our brochure.

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