Nexa’s new look: coming soon!

Nexa’s new look: coming soon!

We’re changing our appearance here at Nexa with a refresh of our firm logo and colours, to be revealed on Monday morning.

Time for a change

This year Nexa celebrates its fifth birthday, so we thought the time was right to adopt a more grown-up persona, one that reflects our maturing approach. From small beginnings we’ve grown significantly, we are now the fastest growing legal services platform in the UK – our legal team has grown over 400% in 2 years.

Talking a new language

As we continue our journey, we’re not just going to look different, we’re going to sound different too. Our experience to date has given us the confidence to be bold and proud of all the great things that make us different, so we will be shouting about them a lot more – watch this space!

What’s our inspiration?

At Nexa, we provide the perfect home for high quality lawyers who want to work differently as part of a diverse and supportive community of like-minded legal professionals. We know that the freedom and flexibility our lawyers enjoy at Nexa makes them happy; we think our new look reflects that sense of optimism and joy.

Not long to wait…

We really excited about these changes, and we hope you will be too. We feel they encapsulate the progress we’ve made and our growing confidence as an organisation, shaping the business of law, doing things differently and allowing our lawyers to flourish, so that they can provide the best possible service to their clients.

There’s not long to wait, so do please check back on Monday morning, when all will be revealed!

Although we will be looking a bit different, we should emphasise that everything else will be staying the same including our contact and banking details.

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