Nexa proud to support The Chancery Lane Project

Nexa proud to support The Chancery Lane Project

As part of Nexa’s commitment to ESG we are delighted to support The Chancery Lane Project.

What is The Chancery Lane Project?

The Chancery Lane Project (TCLP) is a collaborative, global initiative which brings together legal and industry professionals who create new, practical contractual clauses ready to incorporate into law firm precedents and commercial agreements to help deliver climate solutions.

TCLP currently has 121 model clauses covering 12 sectors, including Commercial, Corporate, Property & Construction, Finance, Insurance and Supply Chain. These are all freely available to any law firm to incorporate into their own precedent agreements. As an example, the Net Zero Toolkit, contains a collection of clauses, glossary terms and tools which enable lawyers to align their work with a decarbonised economy.

At Nexa we recently adopted our own Environmental Business Charter and were grateful to be able to use TCLP’s precedent document as a starting point.

Change the precedent, change the world

TCLP works on various core principles:

· It is independent of any professional body or practice and is politically neutral.

· All content is free to use.

· It aims to provide a safe space for innovation, as drafting is unattributable to individual firms or lawyers.

· It seeks to promote collaboration and cross fertilisation across sectors.

TCLP’s vision is a world where every contract enables solutions to climate change. Their rallying cry is: change the precedent, change the world!

Nexa is proud to be part of an inspiring idea

Nexa’s ESG Lead, Catherine Oh said,

“The Chancery Lane Project is doing such amazing work in facilitating collaboration within the legal sector and beyond to help deliver climate solutions within a highly co-operative environment.

It is demonstrating that as lawyers we can all play a part in making a difference, in ways we might not have thought about before.

As ESG Lead at Nexa, I’m delighted that the firm is showing its commitment to walking the talk and this is one small step to doing more.

By actively supporting TCLP we hope to make it easier for our consultants to put climate considerations on their own agendas and those of their clients.”.

Catherine Oh, ESG Lead

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