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The majority of businesses still use traditional law firms. But that’s likely to be because there are more traditional firms compared to new distributed law firms like nexa. Up until relatively recently there was little alternative, but that’s no longer the case. Distributed law firms now offer businesses a viable alternative which could be much more beneficial. So why would your clients be better off if you became a Consultant at nexa law?

This is always an important factor for clients. Put simply, you can offer more competitive pricing at nexa compared to a traditional firm. nexa law has stripped away unnecessary overheads such as expensive offices and partner salaries to create a leaner model which means the cost for the job can be significantly less. But you don’t have to focus exclusively on the price of legal work when explaining the benefits of the nexa law model to your clients. Instead, you can focus on the value you deliver. Many of our Consultants charge similar rates to Partners in traditional firms, yet offer a more responsive and more effective service to their clients.

Working as a Consultant with nexa law gives you more time to focus directly on your clients. With less time spent in management meetings, commuting and dealing with office politics, you’ll be able to spend more time working one-on-one with your clients to deliver on their ambitions. You can develop a much closer working relationship this way and strengthen the bond you have with your clients.

When you are a nexa law Consultant, your clients will get to deal with you direct. There are no junior colleagues to train and manage and you can give your clients your full attention and expertise. Most clients have cottoned on to the fact that many traditional firms operate a structure where the Partners are responsible for finding the work but junior lawyers are responsible for delivering the work. Whilst we do have flexible support lawyers within nexa law to assist our Consultants with larger transactions or litigation, our model does not require you to pass work down the chain as is the case in most law firms

All of the above can be fairly summarised in one word – FLEXIBILITY. Our Consultant have the freedom and flexibility and sense of liberation to do what is best for their clients and not just what is best for their firms. Aligning yourself with the needs of your clients is truly the way to succeed as a lawyer, and nexa law is the place where you can do it.

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