nexa law partners with Queen Mary University of London



nexa law and Queen Mary University of London have launched an innovative paid internship programme for postgraduate law students. 

A team of students from the University’s Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) will support nexa’s lawyers on a rolling 2-month basis throughout the year. 

The CCLS is one of the leading Postgraduate Law Schools in London and has over 700 students from over 80 countries, studying more than 170 different courses. CCLS is a truly global community with an international outlook, as well as centres in London and Paris. nexa is committed to international work and collaborates with clients and leading law firms from all over the globe.

The intern programme is overseen by nexa’s Innovation Manager, Dan Jenkins, who commented “There is a perception that consultant lawyer models like ours are designed for retiring law firm partners but we are determined that the nexa brand and concept will attract younger talent and with over 50 applications for our first cohort of interns we must be doing something right.”

Jacqueline Steinmetz is CCLS’ Employer Engagement, Internships and Mentoring Coordinator (Postgraduate law): “This new connection with nexa law offers our students and graduates greatly valued work experience. Whilst gaining a broader spectrum of practical legal skills through hands on work, I’m excited to see that nexa law opens opens the doors for opportunities beyond traditional legal internships, which is especially important in current economic climate.”

Professor Ian Walden, Director of CCLS: “In addition to teaching and research excellence, we are also committed to ensuring that our students have the best employment opportunities when they graduate. This partnership with nexa law is a great example of achieving that objective, and we look forward to working with them.”

The intern programme is just one of the many ways in which nexa law continues to invest in its people.

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