Nexa Law Emerges as a Key Player in the Legal Industry’s Shift Towards Platform Firms

John McAuley, Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Talent
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Nexa Law has emerged as a prominent figure in the recent report by Codex Edge, whose software tool ATLAS monitors more than 150,000 lawyers across 15,000-plus firms. The report, which analysed trends in legal employment for the year 2023, revealed a notable migration of solicitors from traditional firms to fee-share or platform law firms, with Nexa noted as a prominent choice for legal professionals seeking a dynamic and supportive environment.

According to the report, more than twice as many solicitors opted to join fee-share or platform law firms compared to those who transitioned to traditional firms. Nexa, which currently has more than 150 solicitors on its platform, is included within the top 12 platform firms by lawyer headcount as of the close of 2023.  The report also identified Nexa as being one of the mid-tier firms adding ‘depth’ to the sector and referenced its proactive approach towards attracting top legal talent from other platform firms and self-employed lawyers.

This recognition highlights Nexa’s resolute growth and its commitment to fostering a collaborative culture whilst offering unparalleled support to its consultants.

Nexa’s Executive team is led by 3 ex-lawyers and an expert in business development and talent recruitment, enabling an in-depth understanding of the industry and consultancy requirements.  As a result, they are constantly reviewing what measures can be put in place to support consultants, help their businesses succeed, and drive Nexa forward in the platform sector.

Commenting on the report, John McAuley, Nexa’s CMO & Head of Talent says “Nexa is a dynamic place – we know we can’t stand still in legal services and this report reflects our achievements to date.  Flexibility remains at the heart of what we offer. Moving forward, we see ourselves as offering a ‘best in class’ support service by investing in our technology offering, enabling our consultants to deliver their services as efficiently as possible.”

If you’d like to consider the opportunities a career as a Legal Consultant may present, contact John McAuley on 07802 404468 or for a further discussion.

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