Nexa is the perfect platform to build your own legal brand

Nexa is the perfect platform to build your own legal brand

At Nexa, we have over 100 solicitors who have made a change and become self-employed consultants with us. You may have seen us talking before about the numerous benefits individuals can enjoy when they follow a different career path with Nexa.

However, what we haven’t spoken about so much until now, is the significant minority of our consultants who run their own legal brand through our platform.

It’s your choice

At Nexa, one of our guiding principles is offering the maximum amount of choice and freedom to our lawyers.

We are never prescriptive about where, when or how our lawyers work. As part of this philosophy, we have an additional option for the way they present their legal services to the market and deal with their clients. Almost one fifth of our consultants use the Nexa platform to work with their own unique client facing brands, and that’s fine by us!

Setting up your own brand is one way but of course, we are also more than happy for lawyers to market their services under the Nexa name – we know this can give some clients re-assurance, but it really depends on your practice and your clients.

We are set-up to work seamlessly with either the own brand model or with individuals working under the Nexa name.

Nexa CEO, Nigel Clark said:

“I am keen to publicise our offering to entrepreneurial lawyers who want to market their legal services under their own personal brand because I think it’s worth shouting about. Nexa is perfectly placed to facilitate this way of working. Consultants gain all the practical advantages of being part of Nexa law while working under their own, client-facing brand, with their own logo and website if required.

We deal with all the compliance, regulatory, insurance and administration requirements, in return for a competitive commission. This frees up our consultants to concentrate on their clients and be the lawyer they want to be.

By using their own, client facing brand our consultants can build their business in a way which makes the most of their client connections and suits them, while enjoying the support we provide.”

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Our brief guide to building your own law firm sets out what’s on offer with Nexa in greater detail. Click here to find out more. Or see our recent blog: a brief guide to building your own law firm with Nexa.

Nigel Clark, CEO

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