New online table shows which NexaConnex service is right for you 

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New online table shows which NexaConnex service is right for you 

It just got easier for our law firm clients (LFCs) to work out which of NexaConnex’s four support services is right for them, with the launch of our new service offering webpage. 

What is NexaConnex? 

NexaConnex is our flexible, freelance support service, specifically designed for mid-market law firms. 

Drawing from Nexa Law’s extensive pool of quality lawyers, NexaConnex removes the headache of recruitment for short and long-term capacity challenges., helping firms adapt to a fast-moving legal market. 

Our NexaConnex support services 

We offer four specific support services:  

  • secondee, 
  • outsource,  
  • white label; and 
  •  referral.  

Secondee: Places a NexaConnex solicitor with the LFC with ongoing access to the NexaConnex support team. 

Outsource: NexaConnex solicitor(s) undertakes tasks or whole of matter support on Nexa Law’s systems and the work is delivered back to the LFC (or direct to their client). 

White label: LFC gives one or more NexaConnex solicitors an email address and access (via laptop or remotely) to LFC systems to support LFC originated matters on a case-by-case basis. 

Referral: A client or matter is referred to NexaConnex and the ultimate client is supported directly by NexaConnex solicitor(s)  

These services all have different features and charging rates which are now all clearly displayed in our new table online, so our LFCs can see the benefits of each, make a comparison and see clearly what is right for their needs. 

Transparency is vital 

We believe transparency is vital so that our LFCs understand exactly what’s included (and what’s not), how our relationship will work and, importantly, how much it will cost. 

Our new online table compares each support service, detailing: 

  • Collaborative firm support: Details how the relationship with NexaConnex works and is documented. 
  • Legal support: Sets out the type of support available e.g. partner, paralegal etc.  
  • Contractual and compliance: Covers issues such as billing and notice. 
  • Systems: Which IT, document management system, house style etc. will be used?  

Ready to find out more? 

Check out the NexaConnex service offerings table on our website here. 

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