New mobile app to improve our client experience

nexa law continues to embrace remote and digital working with the launch of its mobile app this month. The UK distributed law firm, nexa, is passionate about delivering a high quality, frictionless and next generation user experience for all its clients. The app will also make the lives of its consultant lawyers easier too with less time being spent on administrative tasks. 

Co-CEO Nigel Clark is committed to completely re-imagining what it’s like to work in law in the UK: “Creating efficiency is important but customer experience is a higher priority. We want to save clients time and give them a feel-good experience.”

For Nigel and his team, one of the key goals is to help nexa’s lawyers solve a common problem: reducing the time spent on compliance, satisfying regulatory requirements and paperwork. “A lawyer and/or their team may spend 10-20 hours a month chasing paperwork for new clients and matters,” says Nigel, “It’s inefficient and, worse, doesn’t match how customers expect to engage with services these days. From a security standpoint, scanning and sending bits of paper around is also a data-protection risk.”

The first priority for the app was to save time and hassle with onboarding new business or individual clients; a process that used to require laborious certification of documents and other KYC requirements.  Using Mobile Workflow, nexa created an app that allows a client to formally engage nexa, scan their IDs and sign various other documents on their mobile or tablet.

nexa has teamed up with Future Workshops to design, develop and maintain the app. Matt Brook-Smith is the CEO and Founder of Future Workshops:

“We can automate complex legal processes in days using Mobile Workflow. We are delighted that nexa law has taken advantage of this and vastly improved their new customer experience.  We are excited to continue our work in the legal industry providing world class digital transformation.”

nexa is committed to delivering the best experience to both its lawyers and its clients and places innovative technology at the heart of its strategy.

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