New Law Journal features nexa

New Law Journal features nexa

We were delighted to be featured in the prestigious New Law Journal last month.

The legal publication interviewed our CEO, Nigel Clark to get his insights on new ways of working in the legal sector.

Nigel commented that, during his career he has witnessed an extraordinary diversification of the legal world, and in his view,

“…that can only be a positive thing as it has hugely increased the choices available to both lawyers and their clients”.

As a new model law firm nexa has always done things differently.

nexa offers its lawyers the opportunity to work in a way which suits them and makes them happy -because nexa believe happy lawyers make happy clients.

As a passionate advocate for change in law, Nigel was very pleased to be able to share these ideas with a wider audience.

In the article, Nigel also outlines his predictions for how technological innovation may change the legal sector in the future.

Click here to read the whole feature.

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