Meet our NexaConnex lawyers: Melanie Harrison

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Our freelance lawyer service, NexaConnex, is designed for mid-market law firms and we have supported many such firms around the country this year, helping them to overcome capacity and skills challenges, both short and long term.
NexaConnex is powered by Nexa lawyers. In this new series of blogs we will be talking to a range of our consultants and asking them about their experiences working with NexaConnex clients.

Melanie Harrison is an experienced commercial real estate specialist who joined Nexa in 2020. Here’s what she had to say:

“I had previously worked at national and regional commercial firms as well as spending a few years in-house in the financial services sector.

Having reached a senior level, I had decided that I didn’t want to join a traditional partnership. The next best alternative for me was to become a consultant for a new model firm like Nexa. A friend introduced me and I haven’t looked back!

The first assignment I carried out for NexaConnex was helping a regional firm which needed additional support to cover a lack of fee earner capacity in their commercial real estate team. I’m still working with that firm providing on-going consultant support.

I’ve also had lots of other work via NexaConnex, including selling two investment portfolios, a large farm re-mortgage and advisory work on legal charges.

Not only is the work varied and interesting, but I’ve found the clients are really appreciative and I get a high level of job satisfaction from my assignments.

Working freelance not only gives you the freedom to pick and choose the work you do, but you can also dial it up and down to suit your lifestyle.

It’s a really useful additional source of income and in comparison to working for yourself and finding your own clients, the work is easier to come by – NexaConnex do all the leg work of finding the jobs for you!

I’d highly recommend working with NexaConnex for any lawyers who want the flexibility of freelancing, doing satisfying work for nice clients!”

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