Looking forward to a career in law?

Looking forward to a career in law?

At Nexa we’re optimists and we think there are plenty of reasons to be cheerful about a career in the legal sector.

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We got our first cohort of 2022/3 interns, from Queen Mary University, London together recently and we asked them what their impressions of the legal profession were.

Here’s what the next generation are thinking:

I’m really excited to be entering the legal profession – it’s a great time to be doing so. The legal sector is definitely becoming more progressive, promoting diversity, wellbeing, and flexibility and making itself more accessible to a greater range of entrants.”

The development of legal tech means that many of the more mundane tasks that trainees traditionally did, such as document review, can be automated, freeing up time to work on more intellectually satisfying, value-added tasks.”

The law promises an intellectually stimulating career which I know will keep me interested.”

The possibilities of a career in law are pretty limitless, working in-house or becoming a consultant lawyer are great options to think about after qualification.”

“I’ve had a taste of the thrill of working on litigation matters- I got to assist on an IP infringement case while being an intern at Nexa and watching negotiations unfold was really exciting.”

“I think the choice lawyers have within the industry will continue to grow as things shift away from the traditional big law offering.”

“Technology is going to play a big part in shaping the delivery of legal services, but the expert analysis and interpersonal skills of lawyers will become even more important to clients.”

“The legal industry is bound to change, and I am excited to see what the future holds.”

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Nigel Clark, CEO

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