It’s not a secret anymore!

Everyone has been let in on our little secret! The one we’ve been keeping for a while now. Yes, that’s right… now you all know that lawyers can successfully work from home!

Not long ago, lawyers at nexa were amongst the privileged few who got to work where they liked. Whether that be from home, an office or anywhere else of their choosing. But now you’ve all tried it… and we bet a few of you like it too.

Of course there will be dyed in the wool lawyers who can’t cope without the office machine – the paper files, the secretaries and the photocopier. But for the rest of you, working from home has likely freed up a lot of time and reduced a lot of the stress of commuting and juggling your numerous work and family responsibilities.

So much so, that some large law firms have announced that they’re closing some of their offices so that their people can work from home full time. We think that’s great – if it’s being done for the right reasons. Closing offices to help save costs might ensure that these firms survive to fight another day, but it doesn’t mean that the firm as a whole has got to grips with the cultural shift that is needed to have people working from lap tops permanently.

At nexa law, we designed our firm from the ground up to support lawyers to work when and where they like. It means we have all the systems in place to make home working seamless and enjoyable. It also means we have a culture of trust which ensures our lawyers are free to work how best suits them. At nexa law, we are passionate about giving you the lawyer the best Choice, Culture and Commercial deal of any new model law firm.

Whilst everyone has been let in on the secret that lawyers can work from home, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be right for every firm and many will revert to their old ways of working. But more than that, working from home is just one of many factors which can contribute to you having a more flexible life. On its own, working from home doesn’t put you in charge of your own destiny in the same way that being a Consultant Solicitors does.

As a Consultant Solicitor, not only can you work where you like but you can work when and how much you like too. There are no targets and KPIs and no obligation to record an ever-increasing number of chargeable hours per day. You work to meet the demands of your clients and not the demands of the Partners. It means that you can organise your life around your work and not the other way around.

If you’ve found that working from home has given you a taste of a better life, why not get in touch with nexa law to find out how our Consultants enjoy the ultimate in freedom and flexibility. Simply email Nigel Clark, our Sales & Recruitment Director, using to find out more.

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