Is it time you put your expertise on the map? 

Eliot Hibbert, CEO & Founder
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Is it time you put your expertise on the map? 

At Nexa, we are proud to give our consultants the freedom to work however they want. And that includes being based wherever they want.  

For those who want to work entirely remotely, never stepping foot in the office, that’s a reality we are very happy to accommodate. While many law firms are now insisting on a minimum number of days in the office, we will never impose any such restrictions on our consultants’ movements.  

The result of this is that Nexa’s consultants are located right across the UK, with coverage in almost every region of England and Wales.  

Remote working doesn’t mean isolation 

But working remotely doesn’t mean being an island, starved of interaction – quite the opposite in fact! Nexa is an incredibly collaborative place where colleagues work together (even if that doesn’t involve being in the same physical space) and are there to support each other.  

We’re delighted to see that our supportive, positive culture is a factor that our consultants mention again and again when we ask them what they like about working here. See our blog: more than a feeling, why a positive workplace culture is good for everyone. 

Our growing community of diverse, high-quality professionals enjoy working together when they want to and know that support is just a phone call or email away.  All our consultants benefit from our accessible management and responsive back-office team who take care of all the admin., allowing our lawyers to concentrate on the work they love.    

Location is no longer a barrier 

Location is no longer a barrier to providing a great client service as people now accept that meeting face-to-face in an office is not always necessary. However, for those times when it is required, or for those who like to mix it up a bit and work in the office from time-to-time, all our consultants have access to our WeWork spaces around the country.  

Take a look at our consultant “heat map” on our careers page  to find out where you could find your place at Nexa.  

Find your route to freedom 

We firmly believe that the future of the legal industry is more freedom for lawyers to work how they want to, not less. If you’re looking for a route towards working differently, maybe it’s time you put your expertise on our map?   

Ready to find out more? 

If you’re interested in finding out a bit more detail about life as a consultant lawyer and what we can offer you at Nexa, check out our careers pages here or, have a look at our brochure. For a confidential, no obligation chat, contact David Roth. 

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