How much does it cost to become a nexa lawyer? And what are the rewards?

You don’t get much in life for free. But joining nexa law might just be the exception that proves the rule! If you’re thinking about making the leap to becoming a consultant lawyer, you might like to know that nexa won’t charge you a penny. Unlike some other consultancy law firms, there are no start up costs to pay.

The only things you’ll need as a nexa lawyer are a laptop, a phone and a practising certificate. Compared to the cost of starting your own firm, it costs very little to get up and running. It’s quick too! From signing our Consultancy Agreement to completing your induction can take a matter of days and then you’ll be ready to start serving your clients. And whilst no one likes to think about what might happen if anything ever goes wrong on a client matter, you can rest assured that nexa does not charge any fee or require any indemnity from you if a claim ever arises under our professional indemnity insurance.

Consultant lawyers operating within nexa law generally set up a limited company which is used to administer their business and financial affairs. To make this process more straight forward we have a tailor made discounted package to simplify the process. We can also introduce you to accountants who understand our business model, and yours, so that they can deliver a cost effective accounting service to your business. If you have your own accountant already, that’s fine too!

So getting set up with nexa is straightforward and cost effective. But what can you earn as a Consultant Solicitor? Your earnings as a Consultant Solicitor are directly related to what you invoice your clients. Rather than receive a salary, you receive a share of the fees you generate.

Our fee sharing arrangements work like this:

  • You take home 75% of your earnings as standard
  • Lawyers with big books of business can keep up to 85% of earnings
  • Generate a 15% referral fee from any work you refer to colleagues (and 65% on any work referred to you by a colleague)
  • Receive 5% of the billings of any other nexa lawyer that you have introduced to nexa

The share of the fees which nexa retains ensures that you have access to the latest software and IT support, provides you with professional indemnity insurance and client and office account services and enables us to promote the nexa brand through our website and social media.

Our Consultants report that their earnings have increased significantly since joining nexa. Most lawyers in traditional practices keep less than 25% of the earnings they generate for the firm, so a threefold increase in earning is certainly not uncommon for our lawyers.

Joining nexa law comes at low cost and low risk with a huge potential to see your earnings sky rocket. At nexa law, we are passionate about giving you the best Choice, Culture and Commercial deal of any new model law firm. If you’d like to find out more about your earning potential as a Consultant Solicitor, please get in touch with Nigel Clark, our Sales & Recruitment Director, using

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