How do we retain our consultants at Nexa?  

Nigel Clark, Director
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How do we retain our consultants at Nexa?  

Given the continuing squeeze in the labour market, staff retention is an issue no organisation can afford to ignore; the costs and resources involved in replacing departing staff, not to mention the disruption and hassle involved, are likely to be substantial. 

Nexa CEO, Nigel Clark shares his views on why consultants stay with Nexa: 

People often ask me how we retain our consultants if we’re non-exclusive (i.e. our consultants can pursue whatever other work and projects they want, with whoever they want), what is it that makes them decide to stay here?  

The short answer I suppose is “empathy”. Our management is led by 3 ex-lawyers and over half our board members have worked as solicitors so we understand what our consultants’ jobs involve and the stresses that they may experience. We’re constantly asking ourselves, what will make their lives easier, what will help their businesses succeed?    

We believe the quality of the practice support we offer directly contributes to the happiness of our people because we take care of all the frustrating admin. stuff. And we make sure people are paid without delay – once the client pays, our consultants get their money, there’s no waiting around. We always try to be as responsive and helpful as we can be so people feel they are not alone and are being properly looked after. 

Our consultants know we are not complacent, we never take them for granted. We try our hardest to make them feel loved! This includes asking for and valuing their opinion on relevant issues and acting on the feedback we get. 

Our goal is to see all our consultants’ legal practices thrive so we are dedicated to helping our consultants find efficiencies. We’re constantly exploring innovations such as legal tech and trying to integrate the best available into our platform. Nexa is a dynamic place – we know we can’t stand still in the legal services marketplace of the 21st century and we think our consultants feel and benefit from that energy.  

It’s a fundamental principle for us to be totally transparent so our consultants know exactly what to expect from Nexa and there are no nasty surprises for anyone. This helps to build trust and convince our consultants we are on their side. 

Nexa was established with the aim of bringing a different sort of working culture to the legal world and we know that our consultants find the atmosphere here refreshingly different to what they may have experienced before.  

We have a strong, diverse community of quality professionals who support each other, making Nexa a really nice place to work. We know that our consultants appreciate this because so many of them have introduced their friends and colleagues to us!”  


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