Get to know Nexa Consultant Jonathan Warner-Reed

We caught up with some of our new Consultant Solicitors and chatted to them about their experiences at Nexa. Today we spoke to specialist property and commercial disputes lawyer, Jonathan Warner-Reed.

Thanks for talking to us today, Jonathan. Can you tell our readers a little bit about why you joined Nexa.

Sure. It was relatively new. I liked the can-do attitude and they were quick to respond.

What did you do before Nexa? 

I was one of the senior partners at a top 150 law firm.  I headed up the dispute management department and I was head of risk.

What does your family think about you joining Nexa?  

They are pleased.  I have just sat back down at my desk following a thirty-minute sword fight with my boys.  I could never have done this previously!

At Nexa we try to offer the perfect environment for Consultants Solicitors to thrive. What support do you get from Nexa to build your practice?

Both Nexa and the other consultants cross refer work.  They market you and have a vision of where the firm is going and what needs to be done to achieve that.

What would you say to lawyers considering joining Nexa? 

It’s scary taking the leap.  I did it pre-pandemic.  However, the world has changed and more people can see why the consultancy model works.  I have more contact with clients, I am in control and I do more law!  If you are entrepreneurial and have a client following it will probably work for you.  If you are not and you rely on work being given to you then it may not be for you.

What does a typical day with Nexa look like? 

I start work at 6:00am, go swimming at 7:00am and do another hour of work before 9:00am.  The intention had been to finish earlier.  You can if you want to.  However, I choose to work until 6:00pm.  I still have more time because I no longer have the three hour daily commute!

Thank you, Jonathan! We’re pleased to hear you’re enjoying life as a Consultant Solicitor.

And for an informal and confidential chat to explore the possibilities for your firm, please contact our COO, Eliot Hibbert. Email: Telephone: 03300 24 24 20 

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