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Here’s a common question we get asked… if I join nexa law as a Consultant Solicitor, will there be any support to do big ticket deals or high value litigation?

As nexa law grows, we’re approached by more and more Solicitors from big name law firms who work on transactions or claims worth millions of pounds to their clients. In traditional firms, these lawyers have a support system of junior lawyers, paralegals and secretaries who assist with some of the more mundane or repetitive aspects of these big deals. So, one of the questions we’re asked regularly is whether nexa is the right home for lawyers who need support.

As you might expect, nexa does support more flexibly than most traditional law firms. As a distributed law firm, we don’t employ junior lawyers or an army or paralegals, but we do have a team of lawyers who can assist you if you need support on larger matters or cases. Our lawyers are all experienced and expert in their field, but many enjoy supporting other lawyers and working in a collaborative and collegiate way.

It’s just one of the reasons why nexa law is the perfect distributed law firm for lawyers who want the freedom and flexibility to work on their own terms but also have access to a network of support lawyers when they need it.

None of nexa’s lawyers are employed, so our fixed overheads are low and consequently we offer a marketing-leading fee share percentage. That means that you only pay for the support you need when you need it, and most Consultants pass this cost on to their clients as part of their fee proposal in a fully transparent way.

We have the same resources available to Consultants as are available in traditional law firms, but our ways of working are so much more flexible and rewarding. Our Three C’s of offering the best Culture, the best Commercials and the best Choice shine through in the way we deliver nexaSupport.

To discuss how you might work with nexa, get in touch with Nigel Clark, our Sales & Recruitment Director, using

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