Freedom of choice: Nexa’s consultant lawyers reap the benefits

Being a consultant lawyer: Freedom to choose

Becoming a consultant lawyer can be a big step into the unknown for those who are coming out of partner led law firms in private practice or giving up an in-house position.

Here at Nexa, we spend a lot of time talking to lawyers who are thinking about making that leap, so we have a pretty good idea about what motivates people to consider becoming a consultant lawyer and the changes they are looking for in their careers.

One of the questions we answer regularly is: how exactly is it different?

What makes working as a consultant different?

A key difference we offer our lawyers is freedom of choice; the freedom to be in control of your own destiny and do things in the way that suits you, your circumstances and your clients.

At Nexa you can work where you want, when you want, for whoever you want. In essence we support our lawyers to run their own legal practice but without the massive time drain of administration, compliance, management and politics which can make practising law in a traditional way so exhausting!

There’s room for everyone

The consultancy model can accommodate almost every work type for lawyers and all client types – and where your client’s needs might require an alternative offering, for example if there is a transaction or dispute of such scale that it requires huge teams across disciplines and borders, then you have the freedom with your client to choose who to collaborate with.  This way of working is becoming ever more mainstream.

It’s actually more about you want to service your clients, how self-sufficient you and your team are and, culturally, how you and your clients want to solve challenges together.

As a consultant lawyer you have the ability to fit work around your life, not the other way around.

Target free

There are no financial targets or KPIs at Nexa. Your income is your choice, you decide what type of work you do and for which clients.   We just ask you to work within our systems and engage with us culturally – and we spend a lot of time ensuring the Nexa platform could be the right one for you before you join us.

Our office in Oswestry provides all the back office support our lawyers need in terms of administration, compliance and accounts leaving them free to concentrate on the legal work they enjoy.

Our consultants tell us that developing great relationships with their own clients and delivering outstanding legal solutions without unnecessary distractions is incredibly satisfying. All you need to get started with us is an internet connection, a laptop and a smart phone.

Free to be yourself

The freedom of choice our consultant lawyers enjoy is empowering and energising. If you think you would like to explore your options and find out more about Nexa, then do get in touch  or, have a look at our brochure.

Eliot Hibbert, COO & Founder

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