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We’ve all been there… you get up in the morning determined to have your most productive day ever! You’re raring to go and ready to work through your to-do list. But as soon as you turn on your computer, you find that your emails aren’t working and your documents won’t open. Whatever you try – everything just freezes!

For lawyers, this can be a real frustration when deadlines are looming and clients are expecting results. Of course you’ll have tried the old ‘off and on again’ trick that seems to solve most problems. But when that doesn’t work, what do you do?

Most firms have either an in house or outsourced IT support desk. The in house teams are often under-resourced and over-worked and very often working hard to hold together creaking IT systems that have suffered from years of under investment. If your firm’s email server has ever been out of action for a few hours (or a few days we’ve heard at some firms) you’ll know what we mean! Those who have experienced outsourced support will know that sometimes it can be very good, but sometimes those on the other end of the line just don’t know enough about your firm’s systems to be able to fix every problem.

But what happens when you’re working as a Consultant Solicitor? What happens when you don’t have an office? And all the software you use is cloud based? Who will come to your rescue when your systems are offline? At nexa law, our market-leading cloud practice management system powers almost all of the things you need to run your legal practice. In conjunction with the Microsoft office suite, our systems are provided and maintained by LEAP. This means that LEAP are responsible for all of the investment and development that ensures their software remains at the top of the pack, and they take that responsibility very seriously.

The software is constantly growing and evolving and each month there are new features and design tweaks which make it a joy to use. This also means that LEAP are responsible for supporting the software and responding on the rare occasion something goes wrong.

We’ve found LEAP to be incredibly reliable. Many of our Consultants say that the systems at their old firms were nowhere near as good, with them previously experiencing constant IT failures and multiple computer crashes a day. They all now say that the systems are more reliable and user-friendly than the ones they used previously. But, of course, with any technology there can be bugs or glitches now and again. Our experience is that LEAP are incredibly responsive and helpful when it comes to fixing issues and the process of obtaining support is straightforward. The easiest way to do so is to access help online and give a LEAP technician secure remote access to your computer.

If you ever need to speak to someone, they’re always at the end of a phone line too. We couldn’t recommend LEAP, their systems and their support more highly. Plus, when you join nexa law our IT induction process walks you through all the key functions. You’ll also find that LEAP’s online guides are a fantastic resource too.

At nexa law, you can expect every day to be a productive day with IT systems that make your life easier. Everything we do at nexa law is geared towards giving our lawyers the best possible experience. If you’d like to find out more about how we do that, please get in touch with our Sales & Recruitment Director Nigel Clark at nigel.clark@nexa.law

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