Calling time on toxic workplaces: treating colleagues with respect and supporting them at work  

Eliot Hibbert, CEO & Founder
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Calling time on toxic workplaces: treating colleagues with respect and supporting them at work  

Stories in the media about senior or well-known people abusing their positions of trust, acts of alleged harassment stretching over many years and toxic workplace cultures (where “everybody knew” but were too scared to speak-up) seem all too common at the moment.

New SRA rules on protecting and supporting colleagues

Against this backdrop, law firms’ culture is also increasingly under the spotlight. Since May this year the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has new rules on wellbeing at work which apply to both firms and individuals.

It does not seem the best reflection of our profession that these rules were thought necessary to ensure that all colleagues are treated fairly and with respect, and not subject to bullying, harassment or unfair discrimination – shouldn’t these things just be a given?

The SRA says that it has received complaints about unsupportive, bullying or toxic working environment and culture at some firms. These include failure to address such unacceptable behaviours when complaints are raised.

As regulator, the SRA has stepped in as it believes it has a duty to act; when poor working cultures start to impact staff wellbeing and behaviour this ultimately feeds through into standards of service to the public.

Practising law isn’t stress-free

The legal sector is a demanding environment in which to work and the pressures on solicitors are well recognised as potential risks to their mental and physical health. That’s why it’s even more important that law firms work hard to create positive working cultures which mitigate rather than aggravate the stresses which can be a normal part of the job.

Nexa is different

Since it was set up in 2017, we have tried to build a better culture at Nexa – one that isn’t too corporate, that is easier going and open, that attracts a good mix of experts who are also nice people and who fit into our collaborative ethos.

At Nexa, we are proud of our positive workplace culture and have written extensively in previous blogs about why we are a different sort of law firm which believes wholeheartedly in supporting our lawyers and making sure they are happy here– see below to find out more:

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