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John McAuley, Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Talent
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Today is Blue Monday, traditionally regarded as the day people feel the most depressed.   January blues are not uncommon, but Blue Monday, falling on the 15th of January, has earned the reputation as the “most depressing day of the year.”

It’s a day when post-Christmas blues, financial pressures, and the winter weather combine to create a perfect storm of negativity. For lawyers, the pressure of billable hours, demanding clients, and a relentless work schedule can exacerbate the feelings of discontent.

Nexa – Re-Shaping the Business of Law

At Nexa, we are re-shaping the business of law by redefining the traditional legal career model. For lawyers seeking a change, Nexa Law is a new model law firm providing an alternative that puts the consultant lawyer in the driver’s seat. By becoming a self-employed consultant solicitor with Nexa, legal professionals can run their own businesses with the support of a collaborative community and innovative technology from a virtual law firm.

Life-Changing Testimonials

Don’t just take Nexa’s word for it; the testimonials below are from existing consultant solicitors who have experienced first-hand the transformative power of joining Nexa’s legal consultancy platform. These legal professionals have taken control of their work/life balance, found a renewed love of the law and greater satisfaction in their careers. They set their own hours and targets, deliver law their way, getting the support they need from Nexa whilst they work remotely.

For me as a Nexa Law consultant solicitor of over 4 years, it is without hesitation that I would recommend Nexa to other lawyers. It’s not just about the transparent fee share structure, but things like the support to consultants in setting up and running their business and brand, development opportunities, and the support of being in a firm with like-minded, experienced experts, are all key factors which make Nexa stand head and shoulders above other firms.

Samantha Downs, Wills Trusts & Probate Partner

“Becoming a consultant for Nexa Law has reformed my work life balance. I have enhanced my professional relationships with referrers and have flexibility in my working day to keep clients informed throughout the entire process, and I get to spend more time with my family.  Nexa provides support and resources to enable me to be ambitious and grow my own business. Making this move has positively reshaped my career as a solicitor.”

 Michael Keeling, Private Client & Property Partner

“As someone who has gone it alone previously, I can categorically say how Nexa Law and the community it provides has positively impacted my work.  From client introductions to advice and guidance, accounting assistance to dealing with problems, there is always someone willing to step up at Nexa. I truly feel [CEO and COO] Eliot and Victoria have my back and the reassurance that provides is invaluable.”

 David Durkin-Finch, Personal Injury & Property Partner

To find out more about joining Nexa Law, look at our careers pages here or, read our brochure. For a confidential, informal chat, call our friendly People & Systems Manager David Roth

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