Be who you want to be at Nexa

Be who you want to be at Nexa

At Nexa we are all about freedom: the freedom to choose, the freedom to excel without interference or control and the freedom to keep more of the money you earn.

A frictionless approach

We are never prescriptive about where, when, how or for whom our consultants work. Our independent, entrepreneurial lawyers appreciate this frictionless approach. We don’t even ask that you work exclusively with us, you’re free to pursue whatever else you want.

There are no targets and no politics, just a supportive environment of high-quality, like-minded professionals who want you to thrive and succeed.

The way you do this is up to you!

Build your own law firm

For example, if you want to market your services from our platform using the Nexa brand that’s fine – the majority of our consultants work like this and we know that Nexa’s brand and position in the marketplace gives clients confidence. Nexa’s professional approach is reassuring to clients and potential clients and our consultants benefit from this.

Or don’t

Alternatively, we can support you if you want to build your own legal brand and market yourself directly to clients this way – many of our current consultants do this. Our comprehensive support for you (and your team) works however you choose to work with us.

Our choice philosophy

Giving our consultants choice and autonomy drives everything we do at Nexa. To find out more about our choice philosophy see our latest blog: At Nexa it’s your choice

Ready to find out more?

Our brief guide to building your own law firm sets out what’s on offer with Nexa in greater detail. Click here to find out more.

If you are ready to get a bit more detail on what we can offer, take a look at our careers page.

Eliot Hibbert, COO & Founder

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