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If you’re thinking about joining nexa law, it’s worth taking a minute to understand why we’re different from the pack. We’re certainly not the biggest consultancy law firm, nor have we been around the longest. But those measures probably don’t really matter much. What we are is totally committed to giving Solicitors the absolute best experience of life as a Consultant.

At nexa law we’re leading the way with our efforts to help Consultant Solicitors succeed. Whether it’s our Financial Assistance Package which can help you to transition from life with a regular salary to life running your own business. Or whether it’s our market-leading fee share which ensures you retain at least 75% of the fee you generate from your clients. Our approach is to put the needs of our Consultants first.

We want doing business with us to be easy and enjoyable. We get to know our Consultants and are here to support them to grow their practice. Every Consultant has a direct line to our Managing Director, Eliot Hibbert and the nexa support office team. Whether you simply want to check in on a compliance query or discuss a new business development project, all you need to do is pick up the phone. We view nexa law as community of equals and offer a collaborative culture which enables you to get on and do the things you enjoy doing.

When it comes to running our business, and helping you run yours, we think we’ve got the perfect formula. We ensure that you have everything you need but nothing you don’t. Why pay for services or support which you won’t use? Our lean business model enables us to pay you a market-leading share of fees and ensure you get those fees in your bank account without delay. Your share of fees is usually in your account within a matter of hours of funds being received from your client. Our Consultants praise us for our refreshing approach which puts more money in their pocket more quickly than they’ve ever experienced before.

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