At Nexa it’s YOUR choice….

At Nexa it’s YOUR choice….

What do we mean by “choice”?

Choice is defined as,

the act of choosing between two or more possibilities.”

When we are denied choice, we feel powerless and disgruntled. Having options and being able to choose which one suits us best frees us from these negative feelings and enhances our sense of well-being.

Freedom to choose

At Nexa, we believe in choice and our consultants benefit from the freedom this gives them. We trust our lawyers to make the choices which are right for them. They get to choose:

  • how
  • when and
  • where

they look after their clients – be that at home, in the office, or somewhere else, full-time, part-time, on demand, fixed-term, one-to-one or as part of a bigger team.

We’re never prescriptive about how lawyers work with us. We want to deliver the best possible platform to help them succeed and we aim to do this in the most frictionless way – without interference.

Use our brand, or yours

Our consultants also have a choice about the way they present their services to market.

This may be by using Nexa as their client facing brand but, it’s also fine by us if they want to set-up their own unique client facing brand – we can work seamlessly with both models.

We’re already supporting Nexa lawyers with their own legal brands, including:



Want more information?

Our brief guide to building your own law firm sets out what’s on offer with Nexa in greater detail. Click here to find out more. Or see our recent blog: a brief guide to building your own law firm with Nexa.

Eliot Hibbert, COO & Founder

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