Are you thinking of becoming a Consultant Lawyer? Get more “bang for your buck” with nexa law

When setting up nexa law we had a clear focus in mind – we wanted to offer consultants a better deal than offered by any other new model or dispersed law firm. To this end we conducted extensive research and carefully tailored a class leading package.

No Hidden Costs

We also noticed that many new model law firms have hidden costs that may catch out consultant lawyers, should they not do their research properly prior to making the important decision about which firm to join. At nexa law there is genuinely no start-up costs. All you need to get started is a compatible notebook PC, mobile, printer and basic stationary. We also do not request an indemnity against insurance excesses which is often hidden in the small print.

Startup Support

We fully understand that becoming a consultant lawyer can be intimidating especially if you have financial commitments and a family to support. With this in mind we set up nexa assist which helps make the transition as smooth and as comfortable as possible. We don’t want you to be put off from making the jump to a more lucrative future and to this end we offer a financial support package. This package will be tailored to your circumstances and is discretionary, but the fundamental aim is to support you through the start- up period. We appreciate it takes time to take instructions, undertake the work and to get it billed and paid. The financial support package takes the pressure off and allows you to focus on what you want to do, client work and getting to love law, love life.

Driven by Ambition

We have more relaxed barriers to entry as well focusing on the abilities and drive of the individual. We want to take on consultants with the drive to succeed instead of limiting recruitment to a set of figures.

The Full Package

So what does the nexa law platform contain?

  • Professional Indemnity insurance cover with no requested indemnity against the excess

  • Full access to Practical Law

  • CPD compliance via Practical Law

  • Personalised onboarding process

  • SRA authorisation

  • COLF and COPA

  • Cloud based case management

  • Cloud based file storage

  • Laptop encryption

  • Cashier facility and client account

  • Office 365 email, word, excel and power point

  • Full IT support

  • Client invoicing via the case management system

  • Credit control function

  • e mail address

  • Registered office mail opening and daily scanning to e mail

  • Access to property search providers

  • Access to the HM Land Registry

  • Access to Companies House

  • Letterhead online watermark

  • Business cards and nexa law engrossment corners

  • VOIP phone service

  • Telephone number and forwarding service

  • Access to meeting room facilities

  • Full access to practice management for day to day support

  • Ongoing business support

  • Compliance support and file auditing

  • Tailored precedent letters

  • Your own professional space on the nexa law website

  • File Archiving

  • Deeds storage

  • Preferential limited company set up costs and access to nexa law providers

  • Client complaint handling

  • Client due diligence assistance and lawyer checker

  • Anti-money laundering

  • Work generation from the nexa law brand

  • Monthly client account report

  • No start-up costs

  • nexa assist financial support package

  • Referral fees for work referred within nexa law

  • Referral arrangement for consultants you bring into nexa law

  • A minimum of 75% paid for work that you have generated

  • Additional bespoke services available

Take the Next Step

More detail is set out in our brochure – click here to get your free copy.

We would urge you to compare the nexa law package to alternative providers as we are confident it is the most comprehensive.

So what are you waiting for? If you need any more information on nexa law and how to become a consultant lawyer with us, contact Eliot on 03300 24 24 20 or

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