5 Benefits of working for a virtual law firm

The world of business has changed dramatically over recent years, with more and more of those in the professional services sector such as accountants, consultants and others moving to cloud-based systems with great success. Another sector that is also now beginning to firmly re-establish itself in the virtual world through cloud computing technology is the legal sector. More and more solicitors in the UK are now seeking to work in a manner that offers them increased flexibility and the power to control their earnings, as well as avoid the traditional politics and stresses of the traditional law firm. Nexa law is at the forefront of such innovation, combining a passion for practise with an entrepreneurial approach, bringing a unique opportunity to the marketplace for solicitors who are looking for out of the box thinking. So just what are the benefits of joining a virtual law firm such as nexa?

1. You choose your hours

One of the biggest pressures faced by solicitors in the UK is the working hours, which are typically seen as part of the process for those looking to progress their careers towards an eventual goal of becoming a full partner in an established firm. Although the rewards can be high, career development often comes at a cost to your family, social life, leisure time and sometimes even your health.

With the new generation approach to law that is being pioneered by nexa, you can take total control of the number of hours you work and when you work them, giving you the opportunity to enjoy practising law on your own terms without having to sacrifice the other areas of life that are important to you.

2. You control your earnings

As well as having the freedom to decide how many hours you work, with nexa law you also get to decide how much you earn. You have the flexibility to dictate exactly how much work you are willing or able to take on and set your desired earnings accordingly.

We take a small percentage of your fee, leaving you with the lion’s share of your earnings – meaning that you truly earn your worth, with excellent opportunities for increased earning potential.

With our commission structure, the more revenue you generate, the smaller the percentage you pay. In addition, we offer the opportunity to take on new work generated by your own marketing promotions, refer this within nexa law and obtain a percentage of the fee generated.

To help you work out just how much you could earn, we’ve prepared an earnings calculator available here.

3. Escape the politics

When it comes to the traditional law firm, it’s not just the long hours that can become a burden – there is also the complex and sometimes challenging world of office politics, which can often be a major distraction from the practise of law itself. With the nexa model, there is no hierarchy – we treat everybody as an equal and respect your personal and professional decisions, providing you with everything you need to fulfil your potential in a supportive and professional working environment that was created by people just like you, for people just like you.

4. Reduced costs

The virtual law model that nexa uses offers a considerable reduction in overheads compared to a traditional law firm. Not only does this mean that we can offer competitive pricing for clients, it also means that you retain a much greater proportion of your earnings. At the same time, you are able to benefit from features such as our in-house marketing, branded materials and access to essentials such as access to Practical Law precedents, CPD compliance via Practical Law and an online case management platform, as well as being covered by our own indemnity insurance. All this means that you can step straight into practise without having to worry about whether or not you can afford to take the leap into becoming a self-employed consultant lawyer.

5. Choose your areas of practice

The areas of practise covered by various law firms vary greatly, with some companies offering a broad range of specialities and others focusing on a particular area of law. Unfortunately, as an employee looking to progress your career within an established partnership, it is not always up to you to decide which areas you work in. With nexa law, however, the choice is entirely yours.

Provided you can demonstrate a strong track record in your preferred fields and have been in practise for at least eight years post qualification, we could offer you an opportunity to work in a range of fields that currently includes Commercial, Corporate, Disputes, Employment, Health & Safety, Intellectual Property, Property, Restructuring and Insolvency.

Love law? Love life? With nexa law, you have the freedom to enjoy the best of both. Ask Eliot now for more information about joining nexa law. Call 03300 24 24 20 or fill in our online contact form and we’ll get straight back to you. For more information on becoming a consultant lawyer, click here to download our free guide.

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