John Cato
Solicitor-Advocate, Dispute Resolution

John Cato

My mission is to provide an alternative client-centred service, scrutinising and explaining potential outcomes and fairly but aggressively pursuing your interests.

In “legal today” too often the clients’ interests conflict with the fee earners drive to meet target billing. We have no such pressure at nexa – only the desire to get it right.

I advise Corporations and Decision-Makers facing an internal or external dispute in the areas of commercial dispute resolution (i.e., boardroom, shareholder, partner disputes) including employment, property litigation and regulatory prosecutions (Business Crime).

I will give you the edge over your opponents by my enthusiasm to win, an experienced (36 years) appreciation of the law and Court procedure and using a decision analysis tool – so your case is not based on lawyers gut instinct. Whenever necessary, my retained private detective will investigate.

My personal approach is energetic, enthusiastic and a positive can-do attitude – I want my clients to win.


I regularly advise directors, partners, shareholders, trustees, and trustee shareholders and honour the high level of trust and confidence which people expect from their Solicitor.

You can expect something very different from John Cato.

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