Charlotte May

Charlotte May

Charlotte is an accredited Civil, Commercial and Workplace mediator with specialist experience in adult care and workplace disputes and a commitment to finding positive solutions. Charlotte acts as a mediator and provides conflict resolution skills training within the UK. Her research findings on Court of Protection mediation have helped to shape the proposals for an independently evaluated Court of Protection mediation scheme.




As a solicitor and Team Leader for Legal Services at Wiltshire Council she provided specialist legal advice for over 15 years. She is an expert on community care services, mental health and mental capacity and Court of Protection law.

In 2019, as the Special Projects Team Leader at Wiltshire Council, Charlotte was tasked with promoting the use of mediation across the organisation. She developed and led an early resolution process pilot, successfully mediating the resolution of a number of staff disputes in the workplace. The encouraging ongoing outcomes include transformed working relationships and wellbeing of participants, and participants gaining a positive focus on future ways of working together. The success of pilot has led to proposals to make the resolution process a permanent feature within the council.

Voluntary Work: 2012-2015: volunteer mediator with Bristol Mediation co-mediating a variety disputes between neighbours.
Qualifications: LLB (Exon) 1983, Certificate Human Rights and Civil Liberties 1999, ADR Civil and Commercial Mediator 2011
CEDR Workplace Mediation Conversation (2019)

Memberships: Law Society
Vice Chair of the Association of South West Mediators

Publications: A Review of the EGM Report (Jordans Elder Law Journal 2012)
Court of Protection Mediation Research: where are we in the UK? (2019)

Charlotte developed the Positive Resolution Process, based on her insights gained as a lawyer, manager and mediator and her awareness of the impact of conflict on the wellbeing and the mind. Charlotte has high success rate and mediated across the UK.

Charlotte has successfully mediated cases involving a wide range of workplace issues:

  • unfair treatment
  • bullying
  • victimisation
  • rudeness and derogatory comments made to or in front of other colleagues
  • extended periods of sickness with work relationship conflict cited as a contributing factor to illness
  • incidents leading to breakdown in communication making working relationship difficult to manage
  • difficulties in working relationship causing significant upset and distress to parties
  • change in status of working relationship with a colleague being promoted and becoming line manager
  • improving work performance
  • whistleblowing

Her unique approach supports clients with guidance, documentation, conflict coaching and bespoke exercises throughout process. This increases their awareness of the nature and impact of conflict, deepening their understanding about how the difficulties have arisen. With improved communication and clarity they are enabled to focus forward and reach an agreement to promote a rebuilding of trust, enhanced working relationships and a restoration of well-being.

My clients

‘It gave us the ability to listen to each other, have a conversation and move forward. The process has restored my confidence in how I manage a team.’