Let’s Connex

Law firms come in all different shapes and sizes. From small high street firms in your local town right through to the global behemoths with their offices in London and New York! There’s no one-size fits all, and rightly so. It makes for an interesting legal market place and enables lawyers to find a niche that suits them. At nexa law, we’ve recognised that law firms can’t be all things to all people and have developed a solution for those firms which are prepared to collaborate to best serve their clients.

Our nexaconnex referral programme is a national membership network open to all law firms. We enable firms to refer their clients to us when they don’t feel able to deal with a matter. That may be because they don’t have the necessary expertise; or because they are faced with a conflict; or because it is not a type of work (or even type of client) which fits their business model. Plenty of law firms have recognised that sticking to what they’re good at is the route to success, and taking on matters where they lack expertise is a sure fire way to problems.

When there is such a diverse range of law firms out there, it doesn’t make sense for a high street firm to try their hand at an international leveraged finance deal! In the same way it doesn’t make sense for a magic circle firm to give residential conveyancing a try! Of course, most of the work we see through nexaconnex falls somewhere between those two extremes. We’re able to work collaboratively with firms of any size or shape to support them when their clients have demands that they can’t (or don’t want to) deal with. Our team of specialist lawyers cover most areas of law that you could care to name, and many are leaders in their fields. 

By offering law firms the opportunity to refer work to nexa law, our nexaconnex programme helps firms to maintain their hard-won relationships at the same time as having a trusted pair of hands look after their clients on particular matters. We offer a market-leading fee share arrangement which recognises that firms should be rewarded for nurturing their client relationships even if they can’t fulfil every legal need of their client. We also offer a non-poach agreement so that if any work arises which falls within the referring firm’s areas of expertise, we will refer the client back to that firm for advice. Plus, we have in place a service level agreement with all our nexaconnex members to ensure that we always deliver the high levels of service their clients would expect.

By working with other law firms in a supportive and collaborative way, we are all able to play to our strengths. It’s just another innovation from nexa law which sets us apart from other firms and demonstrates our commitment to helping our Consultant Lawyers thrive. At nexa law, we expect our lawyers to be entrepreneurial and hungry for success, but we do everything we can to help them achieve their ambitions. Helping you to gain work through our nexaconnex referral programme is just one of the many ways in which we do so.

To find out more about nexaconnex, visit our dedicated website at www.nexaconnex.com.

For more information about becoming a Consultant Lawyer with nexa law, contact our Recruitment Manager David Roth using info@nexa.law.